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Colour Options: Welcome

Colour Options

All pieces of Jewellery are fully customisable, and available in the colours listed below.

Colour Options: Image
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Colour Options: Welcome

You can customise your piece further with our coloured flecks/foil & shimmers listed below:

Flecks / Foil
242991953_3089702154599181_5550113320063861690_n (1).jpg

- Silver

- Gold

- Rose gold / bronze

Opalescent Flecks

Purple opalescent flecks

Pearl opalescent flecks

Blue opalescent flecks

Pink opalescent flecks


Our shimmers make a nice subtle, soft touch to any piece

- Gold Shimmer 


- Silver Shimmer


- Pearl Shimmer (goes great with breastmilk)


- Glitters (we have a range of glitters in different colours, let us know what you would like on your order form)

Colour Options: Image
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